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Futsal Winter League

"USE THE WALL!!!" - You have to love these instructions! You can hear this at all indoor arenas every winter. This basically translates to... "No need to try and use the creative moves you practice all year with your outdoor team - just blast it off the wall and see what happens!" Just another reason why arena soccer is so bad for player development!  


Futsal is the ultimate game for developing more skillful players who can think quickly and perform skills under pressure. It is the only version of indoor soccer recognized by FIFA. Futsal is how soccer greats such as Pele, Messi, Kaka, Ronaldinho and many more become such amazingly gifted players. Why on earth would anyone rather play that silly game with the walls!  

Vision Futsal League 2011/12


 Join us this winter for the best futsal league around, complete with great competition, fantastic facilities, and experienced referees. Not to mention convenient and consistent game times!

Our US Futsal sanctioned leagues will be 6 week sessions offering divisions for U8, U10, U12 & U14 boys and girls teams. We will have divisions for Recreational, Select & Competitive teams!

Finally soccer players in the area have a version of indoor soccer that is going to enhance their game and help them become more skillful and creative players.

Joining the league

Joining our new and exciting league couldn't be easier, just follow the steps below. 

  1. Get your team together (5 - 10 players, 8 is ideal) or join as an individual.
  2. Visit our website and complete the online registration process for your team/individual.
  3. Wait for email instructions on how to register with the USFF and details on your game schedule.


Only $300 per session if you register your team before October 31st! ($395 after this date). 


All games kick off at 4:45pm on week nights - No more messing around with 4:00pm one week, 6:00pm the next week, and who knows when the third week! 




More Information


For more information on the futsal league and our futsal training programs please click on the image below.


Don't you think it's time you catch up with the rest of the world - Ditch the walls, Play Futsal! 









Phil Roscoe, Liverpool Football Club, English Premier League......

"Having worked with and observed the working of the coaches from vision soccer training I have been extremely impressed. Not only do they posses the unique ability required to relate to children but they also demonstrate an extremely good knowledge base around the teaching of the technical and tactical aspects of the game. I find their philosophy geared not only to the players enjoyment of soccer but more importantly from a personal developmental point of view a vision of how to coach and improve soccer players in the correct way. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Vision Soccer Training to players in North America and I also would welcome the opportunity to work with the coaches again"