Lincoln Youth Soccer Club Competitive Tryouts

You may pre-register by clicking here but read all information on this page.

The Competitive Soccer Program, more challenging than Recreational Soccer, is designed to accommodate those players that are able and desire to play at a higher level. 'Comp Soccer' consists of a longer season with more opportunities for additional competition via tournament play. The season typically starts at the beginning of June with training and tournament preparation, participation in various local and travel tournaments as selected by the coach and/or team, regular playing league in the Fall (September through November) and post league tournament play. Kids that are looking to play at a higher level want to play Comp Soccer, and they need to attend tryouts to join the team. 

This year Lincoln will host the teams in the following age groups, under the noted Coaches:

Tryout Dates

2016 Season is closed

 Age Groups

Where possible, the goal of the program is to form teams that are age pure (e.g. U15, U16), but in the older age groups this is not always possible, and your player is encouraged to come tryout for the age groups they want to play in. Age group guidelines are flexible and exceptions can also be made for younger players requesting to play up one or more age groups if they have the talent and skill level to do so, with the approval of the coach and the Competitive Soccer Coordinator.  While a player may tryout in an age group higher than the player's real age, based on the age matrix below, they cannot tryout in an age group lower than their actual age. Please tell the coach or Comp Coordinator know if the player is 'playing up' and notify the registration official when you check-in. This tryout includes the U15 age group, U14 players may tryout for U15/16 upon approval from the Competitive Soccer Coordinator, or the appropriate Coach at tryout registration.

Tryout Agenda and Required Equipment
Each tryout session is 1 to 1.5 hours in length. A player must attend at least one (1) tryout session (for each age group they are trying out for) in order to be considered for a team.  If a player is injured and cannot participate in the tryouts, they must check-in and obvserve the tryout of their age group in order to be eligible, then discuss the situation with the coach in that age group.

Player/Equipment Requirements:
-Wear a white shirt, soccer shoes, and shin guards
-Bring an appropriate size ball (Size 5) clearly marked with the players name to use during tryouts
-Bring enough water for a 1.5 hour session
-Wear weather appropriate attire as needed, we will hold tryouts rain or shine (unless extreme or dangerous weather conditions exist on the date of tryouts)
- Most U19 and below players are minors and, as a result, a parent or guardian needs to accompany the player to check-in to be allowed to tryout.

The Age Matrix for 2017 indicates the age groups for those kids that have a Date of Birth between the dates noted:

SIGN UP for Tryouts

Signing Up/Registration: Before Tryouts you can use the pre-registration form which is available online, at our website, until the day prior to the first tryout for the respective age group.  For U15-19, pre-registration will close at Midnight on Thurs, 5/15/2014. You can still register at the tryout itself if you don't pre-register, but the process is much faster if you pre-register.  You may pre-register by clicking here.

Medical Release & CYSA Membership Form
IMPORTANT: If you/your player are participating it is important to confirm their medical release status during tryouts. We will need to know if the player played for a CYSA-North club the previous season (e.g. Lincoln Comp or Rec Soccer, another club, etc.).  If the player did not play for a CYSA-North club the previous season (or if you are not sure), then a CYSA Membership Form must be completed and signed by a parent or guardian prior to participating in tryouts, then turned into the club at the Tryout.  You may access the form by following the link below, then selecting the link near the bottom middle of the page, which should prompt a download of the form you need to print, sign, and bring with you to tryouts.

2014 CYSA Membership Form

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at Tryouts!