2018 License Renewal Process

A current license will be REQUIRED to officiate any game for the 2018 season.
If your badge has a 2017 on it, please RENEW TODAY!!!


Referees who are registered with the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) MUST renew their registration annually through CNRA.  Any Referee not current in their registration shall not be assigned future matches until re-registration requirements have been met.






  • Grade 7, 6, and 5 referees, unlike Grade 8 and 9 referees have additional requirements to fulfill their re-certification. Please go to http://www.cnra.net/register/renew-referee for more details.


Instructions on How to Obtain  your cnra.gameofficials.netUserName and Password and your USSF ID#

NEW REFEREES: How do brand new referees obtain a login within 
cnra.gameofficials.net and USSF ID#?.

·                 People wishing to become an official for the first time will have to sign up for an Entry Level Referee Course within cnra.gameofficials.net and will be asked to create a New User which will create a UserName and Password.

·                 Once they pass the course their UserName and Password will remain the same.

·                 CNRA will send their registration to USSF.

·                 Once processed by USSF, USSF will create an USSFID # for them and it will be imported into their cnra.gameofficials.net account.

CURRENT REFEREES: How do currently registered referees or once registered referees obtain their cnra.gameofficials.net User Name, Password and USSF ID# ?

·                 It depends on when you were first registered:

·                 All currently registered referees have been sent their UserName and Password by CNRA through the gameofficials.net system by automated email in March 2013.

·                 If you did not receive an email with your log in information,  first attempt the ”I can’t remember UserName or Password” button) if this fails, your email is likely entered incorrectly and you will want to correct this immediately once you are able.) Contact Registration at:registration@cnra.net to obtain your log in information.

·                 If you were last registered in 2011 or afterward, you will use your UserName and Password that is saved in cnra.gameofficials.net (use “I can’t remember UserName or Password” button to retrieve.)

·                 If you were last registered in 2010 or before at any time,  you will need to create a NEW user in cnra.gameofficials.net, however you MUST put your USSF ID # in your information when signing up!!

·                 IMPORTANT !!!  If you do not enter your USSF#, then USSF will recognize you as new and create a new USSF ID # for you which will create a DUPLICATE account. This MUST be avoided.