Lost & Found

Welcome to our Lost & Found page.  We'll post items people have found, or lost, on this page.  Click Here to submit an item to be on this page.  Thank you! -- and the person who lost the item Thanks you!

Submit Date: 8/23/2016 8:16:27 PM
First Name: Rob
Last Name: D
Cell Phone Number: 916-316-8305
Email: kendelrn@sbcglobal.net
Lost or Found?: Found
Item: Blue and Coral adidas bag with goalie gloves and jersey
Where?: Seeding Tourney

Submit Date: 8/22/2016 6:57:59 PM
First Name: Joanie
Last Name: Cubias
Cell Phone Number: 916-295-4580
Email: Joaniecubias@yahoo.com
Lost or Found?: Lost
Item: Size 4 soccer ball; fluorescent yellow with black and pink trapezoids/hexagons
Where?: Foskett fields on Saturday-- seeding tournament


Lost or Found?: Lost
Item: Brand new toddler 49er chair at Singer park on Monday evening, August 8th.  Please e-mail registrar@lincolnsoccer.org if found.  Thank you!


Submit Date: 8/9/2016 8:17:47 AM
First Name: Florin
Last Name: Hobjila
Cell Phone Number: 916-521-5152
Email: Florinhobjila@yahoo.com
Lost or Found?: Found
Item: Chrysler car keys
Where?: Joiner park by field nr 3