Welcome back to the 2018 season!!!

LYSC is gearing up for the 2018 season and requesting all Recreation coaches to let us know if they are returning for the upcoming season.   We are also seeking NEW coaches in all age divisions and want to ensure we include you in all club communication going forward regarding the 2018 season.

It is important that ALL coaches sign up in the Bonzi system to ensure we have your current data correct and an updated picture.   


Please review the 2018 AGE Matrix to confirm what age group you are interested in coaching this year as it may have changed since last year.      We will continue to move teams to "Age Pure" meaning rosters will have players all in the same birth year.   There will be limits to players "playing up" an age division so teams will fare better against teams against other leagues that may be age pure.


All returning coaches (head or assistant) are requested to complete the following form to be added to our 2018 Coach Communication list.  Please click here and complete this today so we have an idea of our coaches in age division going into registration.   

Please feel free to pass this e-mail along to assistant coaches and parents who helped out last year that may want to sign up this year.

We may close registration early in any age division that has limited coaches.  

Your coach coordinators for this year will be:


REC Coach Coordinator:        OPEN          reccoachcoordinator@lincolnsoccer.org

Under 6:                                    OPEN           u6@lincolnsoccer.org

Under  7 & 8:                           Cara Marks    u8@lincolnsoccer.org

Under 9 & above:                    OPEN            u10to19@lincolnsoccer.org 




To ensure we have the correct information, please verify it in the new software program that Cal North has rolled out this year by signing in:

2018 Rec Coach Sign Up

Your login is the e-mail address used last year when registering your children. If you can not remember the e-mail, please follow the troubleshooting guides.  


You must get a Livescan before you can participate in practices or games. You still need to get a Livescan even though you may have gone through this procedure before with another organization.  You MUST have completed your profile in the Bonzi online system FIRST before getting the livescan done so Cal North may match the results when back from DOJ.   The Bonzi system will send you a confirmation e-mail when you have completed the online registration.  Attached is the livescan form you will need to take to the UPS store to get the scan done and there will be no charge to you.

To get the livescan form to print,

* Log back into your Bonzi account  to upload your color picture (“my member account”) (no hats or sunglasses please!)

* Hit the button for “background check” and the system will prompt you to print the form to take to capital live scan

If this doesn't work:

Please on this link:    Coach Livescan

* Please use your LEGAL name as it appears on your driver's license in order for the Department of Justice to match your scan. 

Please take the form to:

The UPS Store #4059
69 Lincoln Blvd. #A
Lincoln, CA 95648

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 6:00pm

Saturday 9:00am - 5:00pm

For other locations throughout the area, please check here  Capital Live Scan Locations

Please ensure you fill out the form with the following information:

District  6, League 03  Club 04
Lincoln Youth Soccer Club

Team Rosters
Each coach shall keep with him/her an official team roster listing all active players for that season. The following roster minimum / maximums will be considered as the guidelines:


Age Group # Players on field Min Roster Max Roster 
Under 6 4 6 8
Under 8 4 6 8
Under 9 7 10 14
Under 10 7 10 14
Under 11 9 12 16
Under 12 9 12 16
Under 13 11 14 18
Under 14 Above 11 14 18

No team roster will be changed without prior approval from the club registrar.  Amended rosters will be sent out to the coach (s) once a change has been authorized.  This includes, but is not limited to, any add, transfer or removal of players or coaches.   Any changes may incur additional fees due at the time of the request.

2018 Season:  Coaches may submit their rosters using the following link:  Player Request


 2015-2016 CAL NORTH TEAM MANUAL----click here to view.



Please see the dedicated page about Concussions and how to report / handle an injury.  


 Please review the following video for additional information.


WHAT HAPPENS IF A PLAYER (or yourself) has an injury?   Cal North provides an insurance program that is SECONDARY to the parent's (or your) insurance program.   

Cal North Injury Claims

Cal North injury claims can now be submitted through an online submission process.  Please note that online claims can only be processed for accidents on or after September 1, 2012.  If the accident date occurred before this date, please do not proceed with the online claim submission; instead, you will need to contact Debbie Alvarez at dalvarez@calnorth.org for the appropriate case report/claim form.  


Cal North injury claims can now be submitted through an online submission process.  Find out how


California Soccer Coaching Tips!
You Don't Coach the Referees.

What is offsides?    Please view this animated demonstration that explains the Law around offsides.



September 9th at 7:00pm  


What we learned at the Cal South
Instructor/Assessor clinic!
  Should be great information