League Websites

Content Management

As easy as Word. No web experience needed. Define your own menus, easily edit page content. Add images. Choose your default skin and then customize any colors or backgrounds you want. Add documents and locations. Banners, calendar events, and news items can be easily added too. No longer wait on someone to update your site when you can do it from anywhere you have web access. Or delegate it to multiple people within the organization.


Upload and maintain your contacts -- easily send e-blasts to hundreds or thousands of contacts. Each contact gets their own copy keeping everyone's email address private. And this is just the beginning: members can automatically sign up for your newsletter or subscribe to receive text messages. Plus collect important data from members through the survey module. Everything is integrated in one place -- with a single sign in to your site.

Entry Forms

Collect information on your site -- whether it be a Try Out registration form or a Free Agent form. Easily make forms available online and then get an email with the data or pull a report online.

Custom Domain Name

Ever heard of DNS -- well no worries -- all sites include a custom domain name, we setup and manage it for you. No need to renew it -- or pass the keys from board member to board member -- we take care of it for you.

Email Services

In minutes, you’ll setup a role based email address (like registrar@yourdomain.com) for each person involved with managing your organization. Each address forwards directly to the individuals personal email address. Complete mailbox functionality including POP or IMAP is also available.


Site Metrics are integrated into not just your Site, but each page in your Site. This means you can know not only the number of visits on your Site and also which pages are hot, and which are not.

We get you up and running quickly, starting with a great looking site, transitioning of existing content, importing contact lists, and training. Check out some customer site samples to get ideas for your new site.