League Management Software Features Overview

Content Management

As easy as Word. No web experience needed. Define your own menus, easily edit page content. Add images. Choose your default skin and then customize any colors or backgrounds you want. Add documents and locations. Banners, calendar events, and news items can be easily added too. No longer wait on someone to update your site when you can do it from anywhere you have web access. Or delegate it to multiple people within the organization.


Upload and maintain your contacts -- easily send e-blasts to hundreds or thousands of contacts. Each contact gets their own copy keeping everyone's email address private. And this is just the beginning: members can automatically sign up for your newsletter or subscribe to receive text messages. Plus collect important data from members through the survey module. Everything is integrated in one place -- with a single sign in to your site.

Automated Scheduling

Don't just load your schedule for display, but automatically create your schedule on your site. You define the parameters and the availability, the system automatically generates your schedule while keeping the distributions between opponents, home/aways, locations, times all even. Enter your scores with automatic standings and tie breakers. Or add your roster and stats with leader boards.


Use the Tournament Module to easily add Teams to Pool Play groups and then feed some or all of those Teams into Brackets. Brackets include, but are not limited to, Single Elimination, Double Elimination, and 3 Game Guarantee scenarios. The Tournament Module includes an advanced but simple process for quickly adding multiple times, locations, and days for the Tournament. Standings can be displayed by Pool -- and all Standings can be configured to display just the information you need. When you create any Tournament schedule, TeamSideline automatically builds communication lists in a Communication Module which includes templates for fast and easy email and text communications.


Completely customizable registration process -- collect the data you need. Create tiered pricing or provide sibling discounts. Or a partial pay option. Provide additional add-ons during checkout for candy buyouts or apparel. Use the dashboard to track your registrations or pull detailed reports using the flexible reporting module. Registration is completely integrated with your site -- don't send members to another web site to register -- they can sign in anytime and review their account. Automatic distribution lists are created for divisions and folks that have a balance on their account.

Team Sites

We don't mean just team pages -- each team gets their own team site with auto-population of roster and schedules. Reminder emails for games. Coaches and staff can manage the site and add announcements, links, and pictures. Send communications to the auto-generated team distribution list. Plus, track team stats or payments. Members get a consolidated calendar if they have multiple kids. They can also invite family and friends to be in the know about games. Everything is secure and private to the team. League admins can publish medical forms or candy buyout stats for the team staff to review and print for their team.

Secure Administration

You define your admins and what they can do on the site. You can have one or more admins to send communications or edit content. With complete audit tracking and secure sign in, administration is easy.

Go Mobile

Access your schedules through your phone -- and coming soon, update your site content and send communications on the go.