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Recreation Registration Information

  2014 Age Matrix 10 KB1/4/2014
  Play Up Form 15 KB3/3/2012
  Team Registration 29 KB3/3/2012
  Refund Policy 53 KB3/1/2014
  2014 Lincoln Registration 265 KB3/17/2014
  2014 Uniforms 454 KB4/9/2014


  CCSL Game Day Instructuions 517 KB9/6/2012
  Info on entering scores/ game cards 1 MB9/6/2012
  2013 CCSL Playing Rules 89 KB10/14/2013
  US Club Player Registration Form 84 KB3/4/2014


  2014 Lifescan Form 1 MB1/4/2014
  2012 Modified Laws - Recreational 14 KB4/6/2012
  2012 PYSL Modified Laws - Competitive 14 KB4/6/2012
  Non Participation Report 118 KB9/6/2012
  Team Site Quick Start Guide 171 KB8/15/2013
  Coach Login On TeamSideline 418 KB8/29/2013
  Concussion Policy 813 KB9/6/2013
  Coaches Code of Conduct 30 KB1/30/2014

Location Information

  Small Sided Field Dimensions 60 KB7/21/2010
  Field Map - Wilson Park Twelve Bridges Middle 146 KB8/2/2009
  Field Map - Glen Edwards 4 KB8/2/2009
  Field Map - Carlin C Coppin School 3 KB8/2/2009
  Field Map - Foskett Soccer Complex 151 KB8/2/2009
  Field Map_Joiner Practice Fields_2013-08-06 275 KB8/16/2013
  Field Map_Singer Practice fields_2013-08-06 287 KB8/16/2013
  Field Map_Twelve Bridges Elementary Practice Fields_2013-08-06 366 KB8/16/2013


  2010 Soccer Season Team Parent Handbook 411 KB8/5/2010

Please Be One Of Our Sponsors

  Sponsor Form 34 KB9/12/2010


  2010 Memorandum of Referee Law Changes 66 KB7/11/2010
  2010 July Memo Re Referee Law Changes 63 KB7/11/2010
  Information for New Referees 760 KB2/16/2010
  Send Off Report 44 KB2/25/2009
  Offsides Rule Change 103 KB8/20/2009
  Top Ten Ref Keys 20 KB8/20/2009
  Cautionable Send Off 76 KB8/20/2009
  Ref Game Cards 151 KB3/2/2012
  Ref Quick Reference Sheet 17 KB9/6/2013
  2014 CCSL Send Off Procedure 26 KB1/4/2014
  IRS I9 Form 84 KB9/6/2013


  LYSC Issue Form 157 KB2/21/2009
  Coaches Code of Conduct 100 KB2/16/2009
  Parents Code Of Conduct 86 KB2/16/2009
  PYSL Fair Play Policy 98 KB2/16/2009
  LYSC Practice Cancellation Policy 149 KB6/23/2009
  Conflict Of Interest Policy 67 KB7/7/2009

PYSL Bylaws and Policies

  2011 PYSL bylaws 265 KB9/9/2011

LYSC Board Meeting Minutes

  Dec 2013 Minutes 47 KB1/30/2014
  Nov 2013 Minutes 61 KB1/30/2014
  January 2014 22 KB3/1/2014

LYSC Board Meeting Agendas

  January 2014 21 KB3/1/2014
  February 2014 21 KB3/1/2014

LYSC Bylaws & Policies

  LYSC Bylaws-2009 156 KB5/22/2010
  Board of Directors Information 94 KB10/13/2011
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